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Nothing is quite scarier than being on the road, peacefully driving your car to work or the store, when suddenly something happens to your vehicle. It's your 'check engine' light that came on for no reason, your brakes start giving you trouble or your car has been in an accident, we can help. Our specialized mechanics will thoroughly check your vehicle for issues and identify the problem right away. Going ao and beyond what is required in order to figure out a budget oriented solution to our customers. Beattie Automotive provides full service repairs and diagnostics, working hard to service the community with the best methods available on the market. With over 30 years experience, we fix it right the first time!



We get busy and sometimes forget that our vehicles need to be looked after on a regular basis. Maintenance is key when it comes to the vehicle you use to get around. Not only will it ensure that your car functions properly on the road, but it'll also add logevity. The proper upkeep will allow your car to withstand irregular weather, accident damage and more. Take note that just because a car is relatively ew, doesn't mean it's immune to issues. Regular maintenance will save you money in th long run! Here are a few signs that signal a tune-up is needed: 

  • Strange noises

  • Emergence light pops on for no reason

  • Odors emanating from engine

  • And more



Getting your brakes checked thoroughly is not only an important part of regular vehicle maintenance, it's to ensure your personal safety and the safety of others. You can never be too diligent when it comes to your brakes. The number one sign that your brakes need a tune-up or replacement is the screeching sound they make every time your car comes to an abrupt halt. If you are one to listen to loud music or the radio, you'll likely miss it. Here are a few other signs to watch out for:

  • Vehicle pulling to one side

  • Grinding sensation

  • Pulsating and vibrations

  • Loud growling noises

  • Brakes are slow to respond

Beattie Automotive will investigate and proceed to do a thorough maintenance sweep. Without proper functional brakes, your car is a safety hazard and should not be on the road. Regular tune-ups will prevent these sort of issues from happening and add longevity to your automobile. If you don't want to end up spending lots of money on repairs, or a new car every few years, choose Beattie Automotive. We will make sure your car is running smoothly and those brakes are working perfectly. We install high quality brake systems and parts that meet the highest industry standards. 



Engine trouble is the absolute worst! We've all seen that motorist pulled over on the side of the road with smoke fuming out of the front hood of their car. A lot of factors determine just how long a lifespan your vehicle's engine will have. Here are some signs your engine is having trouble: 

Lower gas mileage:  If you’re at the gas pump more often, but haven’t changed your driving habits, there could be an issue with the compression of your engine. Potential solutions include using a fuel cleaner or getting a tune up. An engine diagnostic from our repair specialist will clarify the issue and provide options.

Knocking and bangingPopping and other loud noises from your vehicle when you start the engine is often an indication of a problem with the internal combustion flow and a clear sign to schedule a service appointment.


Engine stalling:  Several issues can cause an engine to stall including problems with the air/fuel mixture, or issues with the intake stroke. Investigate ongoing stalls promptly, to avoid more expensive damage down the road.

Engine odor:  An engine exhaust will emit strong smelling, toxic fumes just prior to failing and indicates the need for an engine diagnostic ASAP.

Please call Beattie Automotive to investigate as soon as you suspect a problem, this decision alone can save you money. 

The purpose of a brake and lamp inspection is to make sure that a vehicle being issued a California DMV salvage title is in road-worthy and safe driving condition before the title is rebranded as a salvaged vehicle. 

The definition of a salvaged vehicle is any vehicle that an insurance company has declared a total loss in the past. The purpose of the "Salvaged Title" is to warn prospective buyers that at one time in the past an insurance company has declared the vehicle a total loss.

Most insurance companies WILL insure salvaged vehicles contrary to popular belief. Most insurance companies will provide comprehensive and collision coverage for salvaged vehicles as well.

When you "retain" a salvaged vehicle, either because of an accident or theft of the vehicle, the California DMV requires the printing of a new salvaged title even if the owner remains the same. 

The CA DMV requires that a State Licensed Brake and Lamp Inspection service conduct a complete examination of these critical items on a vehicle the will help ensure the safety of the vehicle while it is being driven on the roads. 

The Brake and Lamp Inspection Location Service will present a state certificate documenting that the vehicle has passed the safety inspection which will then be  presented to the DMV when the application for salvaged title is requested. 
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